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Two-for-two: Red Wings top Penguins 3-1 in Game 2

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Red Wings Flying HighBy Kevin Allen, USA TODAY
DETROIT — Defenseman Jonathan Ericsson is four days removed from an appendectomy, and he scored a huge goal. Justin Abdelkader is a month removed from being a minor leaguer.
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But both rookies scored for the Detroit Red Wings on Sunday as their depth showed again in a 3-1 win against the Pittsburgh Penguins.

"The minutes Abdelkader has played have been very valuable," Red Wings veteran Dan Cleary said. "He's a young player who is going to be a great NHL player.

Ericsson scored at 4:21 of the second period to tie the score at 1, and Abdelkader scored on a long- range shot during a 1-on-3 charge into the offensive zone in the third period to provide an insurance goal. He also scored an important goal in Detroit's 3-1 win Saturday.

FIND MORE STORIES IN: Detroit | Pittsburgh | Pittsburgh Penguins | Detroit Red Wings | Sidney Crosby | Henrik Zetterberg | Chris Osgood | Wings | Brad Stuart | Chris Kunitz | Colin Campbell | Daniel Cleary | Tomas Holmström | Justin Abdelkader "A little surprised (it went in)," Abdelkader said. "It kind of went on end. I think it caught everyone off guard. That's why you throw pucks on net; you never know how they're going to bounce."

Abdelkader played five minutes Saturday and fewer than nine minutes Sunday, yet he has two goals. Pittsburgh captain Sidney Crosby has none, even though he looks dangerous every shift.

"When we got the first goal, we got an energy boost and we took advantage of that," Ericsson said. "They got some chances, but we controlled the game pretty good."

Although much was written about Ericsson playing in Game 1 just 72 hours after having his appendix removed, he simply credits modern medicine.

"Just a couple years ago, it took people a month to recover. It took me three days," he said.

He played 16 minutes in Game 2 and said he continues to feel better each day.

"I don't think there will be a big thing when I get grandkids," he said.
"I think it'll be an everyday situation. In 20, 30, 40 years, maybe surgery will develop to another level."

Pittsburgh forward Chris Kunitz said Detroit's ability to roll four lines and three solid defensive pairings is making a difference in this hard-checking series.

"They're a good team," Kunitz said. "They've shown that for the last 10,
12 years. You have to stay on them. We have to grind our game down, get them in behind the net, wear them down. We have to keep putting pucks toward the net. There were free pucks there tonight that we got to make sure we bat in. We can't have those second, third chances escape from us."
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