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Public Sex

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What is public sex?

Having sex in public is a very common fantasy and all over the world couples are discretely committing sexual acts in public places. Public sex consists of intercourse or any other sex acts performed in places where others could potentially see the participants. The thrill of taking leave of your senses and gratifying yourself in a spontaneous act of love seems to be happening more and more often now because both men and women often find it a turn-on to think that someone might find them in a "compromising position".
Why do people want to have public sex?

A couple’s lust for one another might simply be too overpowering to wait and they must have one another at that exact moment. Some couples find the heightened adrenaline rush associated with the possibility of being caught greatly increases their arousal and thus they purposely and habitually seek out semi-public places to commit their naughty deed, because a little bit of fear or nervousness can make the scenario of sex outside of the home very exciting and stimulating. Others perhaps engage in sex in public places such as an airplane washroom purely for bragging rights to the infamous "mile high club". Whether the motives for making love in public are lack of private space, urgency, sexual variety, or down right naughtiness, people will continue to do it... so here are a few tips.
Is there anything wrong with public sex?

Couples engaging in sexual acts in public should be aware that most states and provinces have laws against indecent exposure and it is certain that any fantasy will be dampened if there is a serious danger of getting arrested by the police. So if you engage in public sex do so in situations where the chances of actually being caught and/or offending anyone are very low. As well, make sure that if you are in the sight of other people, that they aren’t minors.
What are some exciting places for public sex?

    * Apartment Roof Top
    * Balconies
    * Beaches
    * Building Elevator
    * Dressing Rooms
    * Hiking Trails
    * Hot Tubs
    * Library
    * Lover's Lanes
    * Parked Cars
    * Patios
    * Pools
    * Public Washrooms

How to know if your partner is ready?

Men are certainly known for their sexual enthusiasm; the promise of thrilling sexual gratification will make most men willing to commit this act despite the consequences. A sexually confident and liberated woman may also be eager to experiment, but the fact of the matter is that public sex is not for everyone, so don’t pressure your partner.

If you are unsure about your partner’s feelings about engaging in public sex, there are several approaches you can take. The first is the PDA test (Public Displays of Affection); your partner’s willingness to participate in public acts like holding hands, kissing, or full fledged making out are often the best indications of whether or not your partner wants to play outside. A second approach to measure her promiscuity is to bring it up directly. Whether it be brought up as a direct question, or undercover through a “what are your fantasies chat”, this approach is never a bad one, as communication is the key to every successful relationship. A third approach would be to go to a nice little spot and just go for it. To succeed with this approach, you are best off taking your partner to a location that is outdoors, but as secluded as the privacy of your own home. For example, take your lover on a hiking trip. Have everything you could need in your back pack, and find a nice little place to take a "rest". Start things nice and slow, especially if you are unsure about whether you partner likes the idea.

For those couples who are naturally adventurous simply putting the moves on your intimate other in a semi-public place might be all the work that's required of you, and hey you'll never know unless you try... If you are in a healthy and sexually adventurous relationship, and are sure you’re partner would be up for the challenge; simply go for it. Make yourself as sexually attractive to your partner as possible; flirt, tease and make them want it as much as you do with prolonged foreplay. Do the things that you know turns them on and make them feel as though you must have them then and there, so it seems completely spontaneous. However don't forget to have protection (condoms) with you - if appropriate - and almost as importantly, don’t leave the used protection behind!
Final Words of Caution

As fun and exciting as public sex can be, it is not without possible pitfalls. For example, you must be completely responsible about making sure children are not around! As you dive deeper into this world, remember that the riskier you get, the higher the likelihood of being caught by an unwanted viewer, such as the police! Exercise caution, play safe and enjoy!


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