Sunday, June 25, 2017
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Elbows, missed free throws and stupidity , that sums up the Lakers 99-91 win

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Elbows , Out of bounds, and bunch of stupid plays, gave the Lakers the win in OT. The Lakers should  have never , ever,  had a chance to hit a three pointer to tie the game to take it into overtime, what the hell was Nelson thinking to give Fisher that much room, My wife even said to me and she knows nothing about basketball, why is he so far away, shouldn't he be closer so he cant shoot ,or be behind the 3 point line, ummmm, yeah !!

The Lakers had the patience, a much better coach . When you are in the time out with  a 3 point lead and your opponent has the ball, with three points to tie, the coach should emphasize dont allow anyone to get a 3 point look, and well, if you did not see,  Derek Fisher had a picture perfect look at the basket , with nothing in his face, oh wait , here comes Jameer Nelson, a day late and a dollar short, keep chewing on your mouthpiece, cause you really messed up! 

Elbows , did someone say elbows ? Kobe Bryant threw a wicked elbow to Jameer Nelson that flattened him on the floor,  where was the ref ? I believe there was blood drawn.  Let's go back to this play, as if there was a foul called, the three pointer that Fisher hit would not have counted, thus the Magic would have sealed the deal and moved on the a win.

Out of bounds,  another missed call, and last but not least , all Dwight Howard had to do was to hit one of two free throws, and missed both, oooops,  horrible coaching and horrible thinking at end of the game . My hat goes off to the Lakers, cause they just kept it going , even down by as many as 12 at the half, they came out and bang , erased them being down, to them going up, it all comes down to coaching , and Phil Jackson is the master


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