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Benevia , nutritional drink with health benefits

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LITTLE ROCK, Ark., June 1 /PRNewswire/ -- HealthSpan Solutions LLC has announced the first-ever launch of its flagship product, BeneVia(R). Developed by leading experts in healthcare, nutrition and aging, BeneVia(R) is a revolutionary fruit-based nutrition drink with the nutrients to help consumers stay healthy and active as they age.

The four varieties of the BeneVia(R) product line target the four most common health conditions faced by aging consumers. 

Strength & Energy - Loss of muscle strength and energy 
Memory & Focus - Declining memory and speed of learning 
Heart Health - Cardiovascular health issues 
Immune Protect - Immune response and ability to fight infections 
BeneVia(R) is a naturally flavored fruit juice drink that tastes better and is less filling than creamier "shake-based" nutritional drinks. BeneVia(R) is fat free and approximately half the calories of other beverages in the adult nutrition category. 

BeneVia(R) is available in four-packs of eight ounce bottles and is sold in the adult nutrition section of retail food and drug stores. The recommended retail price for the four-pack is $7.99, in line with other adult nutrition drinks. 

BeneVia(R) is rolling out in selected markets across the US this month with plans to be available nationally by the end of the year. 

"We're thrilled to launch BeneVia(R) and also looking forward to making it available nationwide very soon," said HealthSpan CEO John Troup, PhD. "We know that the great taste and nutritional benefits of BeneVia(R) will soon help millions of aging Americans to lead healthy, active lives." 

For more information about BeneVia(R), including nutritional profiles and availability, visit 

BeneVia(R), Protein Deficiency and Nutrition 

As adults age, protein - or the lack of it - becomes a critical factor in staying healthy and active. In fact, protein deficiency is related to many of the risk factors associated with aging, including fatigue, suppressed immune functions, anemia and a host of other conditions. 

For many Americans suffering from protein deficiency, a critical factor to getting enough protein from nutritional supplements is the taste and convenience of the beverage. 

BeneVia(R) (pronounced "ben-uh-VEE-uh") was developed by some of the leading healthcare experts in aging and protein. Led by baby boomer Robert Wolfe, PhD, the BeneVia(R) nutrition research and development team has created nutritious and delicious formulas that are easy to drink and can promote and maintain a healthy lifestyle for older Americans. Wolfe is both an endurance athlete and a world-renowned protein expert at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Reynolds Institute for Aging. 

BeneVia(R) drinks have been clinically proven to help manage specific health conditions: 

Strength & Energy - Improves muscle function and energy by 20% in six weeks 
Memory & Focus - Increases memory retention by 39%, improves learning time by 25% 
Heart Health - Reduces cardiovascular risk by 18% 
Immune Protect - Helps promote a healthy immune system 
BeneVia(R) and the Adult Medical Nutrition Category 

The adult medical nutrition category is estimated to represent over $2 billion annually today and is expected to double in the next five years. 

After identifying the need for a palatable nutritional beverage that provided additional protein and health specific benefits for the aged, Drs. John Troup, Robert Wolfe and Nicolaas Deutz developed the nutritional formula for BeneVia(R) based on novel research with interest and long standing support from the National Institutes of Health. Research support was provided through the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences (UAMS) Reynolds Institute for Aging and the Tufts University USDA Center for Human Nutrition and Aging. Once the formula was developed, Troup, Wolfe and Deutz formed HealthSpan Solutions LLC. 

With a formula for BeneVia(R) and a business plan, Troup - a 25-year veteran in the consumer healthcare industry with experience from Pfizer, Novartis, Nestle and General Nutrition - then received assistance from the Arkansas Economic Development Commission (AEDC) in the form of economic incentives designed to support start-up companies in the state. 

Today, HealthSpan is a partnership with the Danone Medical Division, one of the global leaders in consumer nutrition.


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